I've blogged about Cathy Doll twice this year. The first one was all about their grand launch and the second time was when I discovered their effective slimming products. I rarely do that with a brand and when I do, it just means I'm seriously in love with their products! 

Here's a brief description of three of whitening products I've come to try this month from Cathy Doll:

Sweet Dream Water Splash Essence with L-Glutathione 

Specially formulated for asian skin, this leave-on essence contains Nano technology to revitalise skin for a more radiant, healthy complexion. Massage onto the face in a circular motion and mineral water will form. Continue to massage until mineral water is absorbed fully into the skin. 

Ready 2 White Milky Dress Cream Pack 

This instant whitening pack for the face puts you 3 minutes away from snow white skin! This cream promises to moisturize and nourish skin throughout the day, leaving it brighter and fairer looking for up to 3 days. It contains Adenosine, an ingredient that helps reduce wrinkles. Gently massage onto the face and leave it on for 3 minutes before gently washing it off with warm water.

L-Glutathione Whitening Sunscreen SPF 50PA+++

Formulated with L-Gluthathione which effectively repairs and restore skin condition, this sunscreen can be used on the face and the whole body. Apply on exposed skin to protect yourself from the sun. 

And only more good news have come to us from Cathy Doll. You can now try these and all of their other lovable Korean beauty goodies before buying them in tubes and bottles as Cathy Doll trial sachets are now available to us 24/7 in 7/11!