I've dabbled on skincare as early as when I was 17 years old. I was a bit too paranoid then, I used anti-aging skincare as I thought using it as early as my age then would prevent my skin from premature aging. I've learned later that applying on your face what your skin doesn't need can cause more harm than good. Ever since, I made my regimen simple.

Fast forward to now and I'm in my 30's. I'm back to my paranoid self who's slowly feeling a cringe every time she sees the finest line on her eye area or a new dark spot mark. I've recently consulted many dermatologists and learned about so many new ingredients that I need to add to my regimen like AHA/BHA, Retinol, etc. Needless to say, it's quite complex and confusing.

So when invited to the launch of Italian skincare brand, I was happy to RSVP yes. Let's see the Italians' take on skincare.

Health and beauty company Linea Organica launches BSoul, a natural skincare line that aims to reinvigorate the skin by activating its correct function. Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, this luxury makeup line uses bio-compatible and eco-friendly ingredients to solve the root causes of skin problems, avoiding damage recurrence and the frustrating lifespan of skincare effects that never last. 

LineaOrganica Managing Director Mikee Federizo welcomes the guests at the launch of BSoul

BSoul founder Martina Bindi flew to the Philippines herself to launch the brand in Manila last July 12 at the Conrad Manila. A skin expert for more than a decade focusing on advanced facial and body techniques applied to aesthetics, Martina's motivation comes from her personal experience, after having spent 13 years facing skin problems herself. It's Martina's success story that fuels the BSoul tagline "Beautiful without makeup—every woman's dream." 

BSoul Founder Martina Bindi performing the Hydra Lift Lifting Anti-Aging Treatment on blogger Shen Cala-Or 

According to Martina, skincare should be simple and uncomplicated. You don't need a gazillion steps. Most of the time, it's just as basic as changing your cleanser and shifting to a milder formulation, that respects the skin's physiological condition.  Here are some of BSoul's organic skincare products available to us, that's said to bring back balance to our skin with its gentle formulation:

BSoul’s Starter Kit consists of the Hydra Milk Cleanser, Hydra Face Scrub 3Action, Redness Sinergy and Hydra Comfort

BSoul BB Hydra Repair nourishes while providing a sheer coverage and comes in three shades.

BSoul facial serums comes in three variants that targets specific skin concerns.

BSoul anti-aging creams moisturizes as it helps prevent and cure signs of aging.

BSoul Power Vials contain concentrated formulas for quicker results.

BSoul sunscreens for sensitive skin that doesn't clog the pores

BSoul also carries shower essentials such as shampoo and body wash

BSoul’s beauty arsenal for eyes and lips: Hydra-Lift Eye Contour Gel and Hydra Lip Cream

I was one of the lucky few who had a chance to experience a a one on one consultation with Martina. We met at the Linea Organica branch in S Maison.

Martina's warm personality quickly made me feel at home to open up about my skincare history and skin issues. She's very straightforward on her assessment of my skin, with the help of a unique machine that showed me my current skin condition.

Martina, all warm and professional at the same time.

This chart shows my moisture level is borderline dehydrated.

My sebum level is at its lowest.

My elasticity score is at the highest!

Nothing to worry about wrinkles yet, but fine lines are starting to show up.

The ideal pores shown here came from the sample of my skin on my arms. Can you believe my body's skin is in better condition than my face's? 

My evaluation:

Moisture Level: Low
Sebum Level: Low
Elasticity: Very Good
Pigmentation: Very Good
Wrinkles: Very Good

As shown in my evaluation above, my skin condition is borderline my age. This means I'm so close to appearing older than I look even if I pass with flying colors on elasticity, pigmentation and wrinkles. Just because my moisture and sebum levels are low, it dragged my evaluation score down. I may have taken care of all the other skin concerns but forgot the most basic, moisture!

I was advised to start using BSoul's Hydra Milk Cleanser and Hydra Comfort Cream. And get a weekly Hydra Facial Hydrating Treatment for four weeks to 'normalize' my skin and bring back the moisture it had lost.

I'm due for another assessment after 6 weeks to see how the new regimen and weekly facials have improved my skin condition. 

Until then, here are other Linea Organica treatments you can avail using BSoul products:

HYDRA Facial Hydrating Treatment
Reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) to make sure skin is smooth, soft, hydrated and light. 

HYDRA Clear Basic Anti-Acne Treatment
A decongestant acne treatment that removes skin toxins, making redness disappear. 

HYDRA Clear Brightening Anti-Acne
Recommended for fragile skin, this treatment reduces redness, inflammation and strengthens the skin's defense against free radicals. 

HYDRA Uniform Anti-Dark Spot Treatment
Using BSoul's Hydra Ultra-Bright Concentrated Serum, this treatment lightens dark spots and evens out skin tone. 

HYDRA Redness Sensitive Skin Treatment
For skin that looks lighter, hydrated and bright, this treatment builds defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. 

HYDRA Lift Lifting Anti-Aging
A treatment that awakens cell metabolism, restores hydrated skin and highly improves anabolic and metabolic mechanisms to flush out toxins from the skin. 

HYDRA Lift Firming Anti-Aging
This treatment slows down skin aging caused by sun exposure. 

HYDRA Double Chin Anti-Double Chin Treatment
This treatment drains water retention and fats under the chin area with the use of special draining techniques that keep the chin's V-shape. 

HYDRA Double Chin Duo Anti-Double Chin + Lifting
The Anti-Double Chin treatment bundles with a lifting treatment, offering a 2-in-1 deal. 

This treatment is a special draining technique to reduce water retention and eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system, reducing the superficial appearance of cellulite. 

A post Hydra Detox procedure, this treatment targets specific fat deposits throughout the body. 

HYDRA Sculpt
This treatment addresses lactic acid build up, as they are broken down through the use of special techniques such as lymphatic drainage and soft tissue manipulation. 

A non-invasive firming treatment to improve the appearance of specific fat-dense body parts.

BSoul is a brand under Linea Organica, a company committed to distributing organic and natural beauty products and treatments all over the world. 

Follow BSoul and Linea Organica at @lineaorganicaph on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Visit BSoul and Linea Organica at the 2nd floor of S Maison in Pasay or at Ayala Vertis in Quezon City.