This post is all about hair. And it’s not about our crowning glory. I’m talking about those that sprout out from our bodies and needed to be tamed every now and then.

A few weeks ago, we beauty bloggers were invited to Wink Studio, a waxing and laser hair removal salon. Let me show you a few photos of their studio interiors that are inspired by their brand's asterisk.

Spacious suites ensure privacy and are designed to soothe the senses. 

The colorful, gender-neutral interiors serve as a visual reminder that comfort is their foremost concern.

Holly Chang, founder of Wink Studio talked about the neat freak in her that made her open her our hair removal studio. At Wink, hygiene is held at a very high standard. "We never reuse sheets, towels or spatulas, and our technicians always don gloves and a mask. Our guests get their own set of waxing implements, and we sanitize and sterilize like crazy in between each appointment," says Holly.

Owner of Wink Stuido Holly Chang and brand consultant Liz Lanuzo 

I was able to try their Semi-permanent Hair Removal where they used a special diode laser machine that won’t leave painful burn marks on the skin as traditional IPL machines do. All I felt was the warm sensation as the machine was being rubbed on my skin. 

The laser gun

I wasn’t able to try their eyebrow waxing service though as my brows were still in shape, there was nothing to pull out. But we were told that their Face and Body Waxing sessions won’t involve any clamped-down whimpering either. Their professional waxing system utilizes hard wax for sensitive areas and soft wax for bigger areas. They also apply pre- and post-wax care products to protect the skin.

Hard and soft waxes used at the studio

With the gorgeous Holly Chang

For that Saturday afternoon, Wink partnered with Make Up Factory, Germany's premier pro cosmetics brand, for an Eyebrow Definition Workshop. 

Some eyebrow grooming tips we brought home from the Maquillage makeup artist who lead the workshop:
- There are different brow shapes. Choose one that accentuates your face shape best.
- Do not overpluck as a very thin eyebrow shape ages you.
- When you do overpluck, fill in sparse areas with a brow product. Then let it grow and leave the tweezer alone for awhile!
- Choose a lighter shade of eyebrow product than your head hair shade.
- Your brows are sisters, not twins. They’re naturally unbalanced so don’t obsess on making them 100% alike.

An eyebrow makeover c/o Maquillage Makeup School

The result of the eyebrow makeover and demo

Brow products from Makeup Factory

Wink Laser and Wax Studio is located at 3/F C2 Bldg. 7th Ave. corner 28th St., Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. To book appointments for their services, you may call (02)8087258. For more info, visit their website and like them on Facebook.