Nothing says “American sportswear” quite like the image of the girl-next-door models that dominated the 1970's and early eighties —Brooke Shields, more specifically whose long locks and big bushy brows defined the era. To properly simulate the Blue Lagoon star backstage at Alexander Wang 2 days ago, Redken’s Guido Palau added long extensions to models’ hair for drama, prepping them with a thickening lotion to provide a texturized, matte effect. Then he crafted thick, low-slung braids that he brought over to one side (commence long hair envy), which he complemented with make-shift bangs that were pulled over the right eye for asymmetry. “The more disheveled you can get it, the sexier and cooler it is,” Palau said of the All-American but still “rocker and not perfect” look. Makeup artist Diane Kendall stuck to a similar theme, mimicking Shields’ wholesome appeal by keeping models’ faces clean, save for a few upward strokes of an eye pencil to achieve fuller, spiky arches. Interestingly enough, the whole thing worked just as well on the model in that pair of lace-up leather shorts as it did for the girl in those high-waisted Calvins.