For some apparent reason, I'm getting pimples here and there. I blame my poor sleeping habits for these hormonal breakouts! A lot has been in my head lately and work schedules have been erratic.

Thanks for my dermatologist brother, I was prescribed with a good acne treatment to combat these blemishes. More on that in a few weeks when I get to see results. I just got it this week and there's no telling if it's effective. (Always give your skincare products at least two weeks to take effect before judging them!)

So for now, let me share with you my review on Benefit's Boing concealer that's known for its industrial-strength capabilities to cover even the most problematic pimple or blemish.

So let's see how 'strong' Boi-ing is on my huge zit. Here's the before-and-after shots:

Bare face with no makeup on
With Dr. Jart BB cream on the entire face and Boi-ing applied on the blemish

To be fair, it was really difficult to cover a zit as huge as this! Boi-ing did a good job covering it, though the pimple may still have shown due to the fact that it's protruded and casted shadows. I liked that it was easy to build up though a little of it didn't go a long way. I did a couple of dabs before I finally covered the pimple completely. I also like the shade I got as it blended well with my skin. I got mine in Medium (shade 02). 
I also noticed too that it didn't fully deliver on its promise of camouflaging without creasing and smudging. After just four hours, my zit started to peek out even when I set Boi-ing with loose powder.

Boi-ing can also be used on really dark under eye circles and facial discolorations. However, I still prefer Erase Paste's salmon hue on eye area discolorations. 

Benefit cosmetics is now available locally in Greenbelt 5 (G/F) and Rustan's Shangri La (G/F).