95% of the time, my clients request for false lashes. In my experience, false lashes make such a huge difference in making eyes look more defined and "awake". It's tricky yet so significant, I never skip this step when doing makeup on clients, except when clients refuse to have them on.

One of my favourite false lashes brand from Thailand has finally arrived Manila! No need to hoard everytime I'm in Bangkok as it's now locally available online, thanks to Nippon Esthetics.

Why is it any different from other generic falsies? First, it's lightweight while still giving that oomph needed by our peepers. Second, the band is firm enough yet still soft so it's easy to apply. And unlike branded ones, this is pretty reasonably priced for the quality.

One of my clients, Joann wearing a pair of Bohk Toh falsies:

Opened up eyes, thanks to Bohk Toh

Bohk Toh is available in singles at P150 each and a box of ten at P350. To shop, visit Nippon Esthetics' website.