Good news ladies! Not only did Benefit cosmetics finally opened its 3rd door to us in Rustan's Makati, they've launched new brow services and beauty kits too on the side. Here's a lowdown on what happened at Benefit's opening in Glorietta last week:

Benefit's shop-in-shop in Rustan's Makati. That honeysuckle store label gives me a burst of excitement -- every time!

Theme for the party: Kicking Some Class. It will make sense once you see their newest product launches as you scroll down.

 With Benefit Ph's Chief Fun Officer Aubrey. Love love the energy of this girl!

Upon arriving, we were asked to sign up to be part of the Benebabes club. Free sign-up for everyone starting September! This card entitles the shopper for a P100 discount off their brow services and 10% off a P5,000 receipt.
The program started off with Benefit Ph's usual upbeat and energetic girls!
Isabel Roces and regional manager of Benefit hosted the afternoon affair.

A demo on brow waxing. Kudos to the model for not letting out even the slightest ouch!

The brow bar is now offering brow tinting services (semi-permanent) at P500. For my thoughts on temporary brow tinting, click here.

Different falsie designs are now available too! You can have them attach it for only P100.

The newest complexion and cheek kits from Benefit! I love how each one looks like your typical textbook. Each kit also comes with a 'Tips & Trick' booklet to guide you on how to optimize the use of the products inside. Now that explains the theme of the event "Kicking Some Class".

Mica, chief makeup artist of Benefit Ph, demonstrating on how to use the kits.

The models after their Benefit make-overs

A very well-attended event. Congratulations again Benefit Ph team!
Thank you Benefit for another generous loot! Here's a review on the products I took home.