When Aubrey of Benefit Cosmetics texted to invite me to an exclusive bloggers' event, I said yes not knowing it's going to be one of the craziest and gutsiest parties I'm ever going to experience! We bloggers arrived at Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle unsuspicious of what's gonna go down that night. We were just warned that the night was all about "getting real."
With Aubrey Bautista of Benefit Cosmetics and stylist Alyanna Martinez

 We were each asked to write down our own beauty secrets in the welcome board. 

Guess what was mine! 
Who can resist macarons after dinner? We were at Sweet Bella after all! 
During dessert, we were all asked to go to the "Confessions Station" where we reveal our own confessions. By confessions, I mean answering the question "Have you ever faked it?" Of course we all freaked out when we first heard of the 1st part of the program, but we were a group of gutsy women. We all even did an average of 3 turns each!

Me, shyly confessing my beauty secrets

Our facial expressions say it all! No shame about it!

Benefit also had a little show for us where they had a skit on their two best-sellers, They're Real mascara and Porefessional primer.

Benefit has been known for years for their brow services. We were fortunate to witness a tutorial on how to groom and tame brows by Mica of Benefit Cosmetics. You can leave it to Benefit pros to shape, primp and tweeze your brows. They offer a range of other waxing services, done by licensed aestheticians a their boutiques and counters. 

The next part of the program was the most daring and audacious! We all sat down together for a game of truth or dare! Basically, we were asked to spin Benefit's own confessions wheel to see if we are to answer truthfully or bravely say yes to a dare. After which, we were to pick a card from a set and therein depends our destined truth or dare. 

Almost all did a dare than faced the truth!

My dare!

Guess who: had a unibrow; called someone she liked and confessed; called her boss to say she hated her; said I love you to a stranger down the street? 

It felt like a slumber party and a bachelorette party at the same time! I forgot the last time I laughed and giggled that much! 

And the good news is, Benefit can now host your party and is now offering party packages for your occasion! They have different "Pretty Packages" you can avail in their boutique or where you'll hold your event. For more details and reservations, you may call (02)822-1876. 

We all had so much time we didn't realize what time it was when we finished. But we didn't mind as we were able to get home with lots of Benefit goodies! 

Party pumped up with estrogen!

Stay tuned for more reviews on Benefit cosmetics! 

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