As promised in my previous post, I'm finally revealing what beauty products are in my purse. Unlike my last post which is more about my personal makeup kit, this is about what I bring with me around -- for retouch, quick fix, etc.

You'd be surprised there are almost no makeup in my gold makeup kit (Thanks Majolica Majorca, I've been on the lookout for a gold purse where I can put my travel makeup stash!) but two. I really do believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. So what you'd find here are more hygiene and skincare products. 

90% of the time, I leave the house with makeup on, so I don't really need to bring more makeup with me when I'm out.

So here are what you'd find if you raid my purse, beauty-wise:

1. Anna Sui blotter
I hate piling up layer after layer of makeup when the day goes by. This is the number one cause of pimples and blemishes -- mixing sebum with makeup! Imagine your previous makeup products melting with sebum, then instead of removing it, you're just going to add more makeup on top of it. Say hello to clogged pores! The best way to avoid unwanted shine is to remove excess sebum with an oil blotter. Any brand would do, I just have mine in Anna Sui because of its black victorian casing that comes with a mirror. We don't have Anna Sui cosmetics here so I might just refill it with Clean & Clear, Gatsby or Kleenex blotters. I even think these more affordable ones do a better job in absorbing oil!

If you really can't fight the need to reapply powder or other makeup products, be sure to blot oil away from your face first before reapplying anything.

2. EOS lipbalm
To prevent chapped lips, always have a lip balm with you. I love EOS' peach-flavored balm!

3. Benefit Coralista gloss
Lip products are the only makeup you'd see in my purse. It's the first thing that comes off, even just after minutes of applying it. I like having two options: a velvet lip color and a gloss. I'm currently in love with Benefit's Coralista gloss. It's basically the same shade as their Box 'O Powder Coralista. Thanks to Benefit Philippines for giving me a tube to try it out before it launches in July! By then, you can get your perfect gloss matches to their Box 'O Powders Coralista, Hoola, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Dallas and Dandelion. 

4. Dior Addict Rouge Lipstick
I like Dior's sheer rouge lipsticks as they just deliver the right amount of pigment that lightly tints my lips. I have shade 680, the perfect berry for daily use. It makes me feel presentable but not overdone.

5. Alcohol Spray
I hate to have my hands dirty. Hate it, can't stand it! I always keep an alcohol spray with me as opposed to an alcogel that can feel sticky. And you don't really feel squeaky clean after an alcogel, right? Besides, alcohol cleans and evaporates fast. Efficient!

6. L'Occitane Hand and Cuticle cream
With my tendency to use alcohol 20 times a day when I'm out, my hands would really lose moisture. It's a must that I follow my cleansing ritual with a hand cream to prevent my hands and tips from drying out. Ever since my sister-in-law gave me a L'Occitane hand cream as a Christmas gift, I've been hooked and have been buying different scents. My average is a tube in 3 weeks!

7. Hermes Eau Des Merveilles Parfum
One thing I always forget when leaving the house is spritzing perfume! So when shopping for perfume, I always need to convince the sales person to give me a sample size bottle of the perfume I bought. Fortunate for me, they all almost always comply. My current favorite is Hermes' newest scent, Eau Des Merveilles. The fragrance is a blend of sophisticated woody notes and warm amber. It's so different from my usual daily citrus and ocean scents.

8. Little i Mints
To maintain fresh breath, I never leave the house without mints. At makeup jobs, I'm in my client's personal space. I won't ever make it uncomfortable for her! And these come with girly titles such as Princess, Flirt, Cutie and High Maintenance. Bonus that it comes with a mirror!

9. Goody Ouchless Elastics
Our humid weather calls for ponytails! I don't mind spending more money on Goody's Ouchless elastics than buying brandless ones as these really hold my hair tight without the ouch!

10. Eye Drops
My eyes are super sensitive. Just a little dust and they get red and irritated. I found it helpful to always bring eye drops with me now.

11. Kleenex
For anything and everything, one must always have facial tissue in their purse!

12. Five Cranes Menthol

Very popular in Downtown Manila, this menthol stick helps me whenever a migraine episode strikes!

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