There are loads of oral beauty supplements (dermaceuticals/nutraceuticals) out there that promise to make you healthier and more beautiful. I dove into research and even talked to top dermatologists to find the few worth popping. Here are the top five beauty supplements I highly recommend in conjunction with the beauty diet:

1. Sun Protection 
Aside from daily use of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, boost your UV protection all year by taking an antioxidant supplement such as Heliocare. New research from the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that the fern extract in these pills significantly reduced UVA-related DNA damage that leads to wrinkling and brown spots. This allows the antioxidants to build up in your system for maximum protection. For best results, pop one each day starting a week before you plan on fun in the sun.

Try: Heliocare2,250 for 60 capsules, visit Dermhealth Clinic in Jupiter Place Bldg Makati or contact Dr. Dave Co at 02-8953283. ($60 in the US)

2. Blemish Treatment 
Problematic skin (both face and body) prone to blackheads, pimples and acne should consider treating these blemishes from the inside instead on the outside. Topical ointments tend to dry the skin, causing flaking and unnecessary peeling. Consumer research studies have shown that Praventin, a desired ingredient in a dietary supplement form, is safe and effective to use to reduce blemishes and redness with its natural bioactive milk protein complex with lactoferri. I suggest popping an organic supplement as opposed to strong chemical-based antibiotics to prevent suffering from side effects.  

Try: F2F with Praventin, price unavailable for a bottle of 60 capsules, visit or contact Jeunesse Dermaceutical at 02-6723599.  Also available at Dermhealth Clinic in Jupiter Place Bldg Makati, contact Dr. Dave Co at 02-8953283.

3. Stronger Nails and Hair 
Free radicals that harm our health such as pollution and stress challenges us from keeping our hair and nails in its best form. Biotin, a water-soluble B vitamin, helps alleviate nail brittleness, promote healthy hair and improve skin condition. Research shows that a daily dose of the nutrient increases nail thickness by 25%, making nails less apt to split and tear. 

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4. Brighter and Younger-looking Skin
Since time immemorial, our ancestors have been in the quest for the fountain of youth. Lucky for us, this seems to be an easier hunt, thanks to the widely available glutathione and collagen capsules in the market today. Glutathione is considered as the master antioxidant because it is the most potent antioxidant in the body, involved in various reactions, such as detoxification, destruction of free radicals, and strengthening of immune health. It’s also been known to interfere with melanin production, revealing brighter and fairer skin. Collagen, on the other hand provides skin with strength, elasticity and resilience, preventing skin from unwanted looseness and sagging. Choose a supplement that also contains Vitamin C and ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid) that increases the antioxidative property and whitening effect on the skin.  

Try: Belo Nutraceuticals Glutathione + Collagen480 for 10 capsules - 2,700 for 60 capsules, in leading drug and beauty stores nationwide.
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5. Immune System Boost
Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant required by the body to perform 300 metabolic functions properly, supporting a stronger immune system. It is also a natural nutrient vital to skin care, also essential for collagen production and is the main component for structural protein in the skin. Since vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, it reduces skin damage and minimizes those dreaded wrinkles. Skin texture could even improve with regular use of natural or organic products utilizing vitamin C as one of the main ingredients. 

Try: Fern-C750 for 40 capsules, in leading Mercury Drug outlets nationwide.
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