It’s no secret that eating a healthy, balanced diet helps your waistline, but did you know it can also affect your appearance? A healthy diet, full of vitamins and minerals, can help combat aging, make your skin glow and even help your hair grow stronger. 

Wrinkles: Retinoids are a form of vitamin C, which is a known wrinkle reducer. They work by helping your body naturally produce more collagen, and more collagen means less wrinkles. A few foods high in vitamin C are brocolli, berries, citrus fruits and red peppers. 

Glowing Skin: If you check the label of skin vitamins, the main ingredient will always be vitamin E, and for good reason. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, and has been shown to help combat acne, level skin tone and even fight against cellulite. The best sources for vitamin E are avocados and sunflower seeds. 

Healthy Hair: Omega-3 fatty acids are a high-quality source of protein packed with vitamin B-12 and iron. A diet deficient in omega-3 can lead to a dry scalp, making hair dull and lifeless. Hair is also made of protein, which makes getting enough protein in your diet necessary for strong hair. Salmon is great source of omega-3 fats—and for all you vegetarians out there extra virgin olive oil is packed with it, too.

I'm currently doing research to build up a story about the Beauty Diet: a diet that will help you become healthier and more beautiful. The goal is not to give slimming tips, but beautifying tips. This is the phase one of that diet: Knowing which foods are packed with healthy nutrients that beautify. The second phase will be published in a week and it's going to be about dermaceuticals (pills you pop to make you more beautiful!), so watch out for that! 

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