Last week, I gladly joined my Dad to go grocery shopping. I think it's been a year since I last visited a supermarket and really scan each aisle section. As always, I went through the beauty section first. And my, my, was I surprised when I saw the shelves with a lot of new brands and products. I felt like a little girl who's just discovered new flavors in a candy store! I was tempted to hoard but knew better that beauty products have shelf lives. 

I grabbed about six new beauty products to try for my hair, face and body. I've only had the time to try 3 this week, and here's my review on them:

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Having to grow my hair from short hair that went through coloring, bleaching and perming is a PAIN. I needed to spend on weekly and monthly treatments just so I can skip the regular trims that would even slow my hair from growing. Since last year, I've been in the search for the best shampoo to repair the damage I've done to my locks. I've tried about four brands and keep coming back to Kerastase, which seemed to be the only one that works. A bit expensive but my hair needed drastic care. 

Now that my hair is longer (finally), it's more prone to dry and split ends. I've heard lots of nice things about Dove's newly launched hairline and decided to try it. It promised 9x less split ends and upon reading that, I was sold!

Did it deliver to its promise? After six days of using it, I'd say yes. My hair feels softer and silkier and I hardly had any tangles when combing my hair after shower. Some people point out that since it delivers moisture, which most repair shampoos and conditioners do, it weighs their hair down and made their hair greasy. That might be the case for those who have naturally thin and limp hair. But in my case, it worked perfectly for my thick hair. My hair's easier to manage now more than ever and my hair doesn't look weighed down at all. I got the exact volume I wanted and my hair isn't too straight, which is how it used to be with my continuous use of Kerastase Oleo Relax hairline. My hair even feels lighter and bouncier. It's also very economical as a little goes a long way. The shampoo lathers up quickly even with just a small amount and you just need a little of the conditioner to smooth frizz out. 

Nivea Cell Repair Body Milk

I was thinking twice when I grabbed a bottle of Nivea's newest body lotion since it's labeled as a whitening lotion. I really don't want to go lighter than my current skin tone, but I knew I needed a lightening formula to get rid of those little brown spots left by the sun this summer. Upon reading that this lotion has 50x more Vitamin C than the others, I decided it was worth giving a try.

After just three days of using this, people keep on commenting that I've gone whiter. Can it be just because of the gloomy weather shift from summer's sunny days? Or can it really be Nivea? I've been using it for six days now and I've noticed that I did get fairer. I wanted to keep a natural tan so I'm not as thrilled to see this but I did notice my sun spots got lighter too! Vitamin C is known to repair accumulated damages that makes skin dull. It also boosts skin”s natural barrier to fight sun-induced skin damage. 

Aside from that, I actually felt my skin become more supple and softer. I also love the mild and clean scent of this body milk. However, it claims ‘advanced UV protection’ but nowhere on the product is there any SPF content mentioned. I’m not sure what exactly the product means by 'UV protection’ but to be sure, I only use this at night and stick to a daily body sunscreen at daytime. I'd personally vouch for this product's effectiveness and would highly recommend this especially to those who has apparent spots and skin damages from the sun.

Close Up White Now Toothpaste

I'm not very paranoid on a lot of things about myself but I am on my teeth. I strongly believe that one's smile can instantly brighten one's face. After using two sets of Crest Strips back when I was in Los Angeles for my Master's Program stint, I visibly saw my teeth lightened for about 3 shades. I religiously used that for 2 months and since then, my teeth has been whiter though my love for coffee and wine still stained my pearly whites. I didn't want to go through another month of regularly sticking my teeth with strips or having them permanently whitened by a dentist because I just can't handle sensitive teeth and gums even for just a few days. If I can achieve that in a toothpaste, that would really be amazing.

Closeup White Now toothpaste introduces its technology called “Blue Foam” that creates an instant optical effect on teeth that will result into visibly whiter and brighter teeth after just one brushing. This makes sense actually. Blue cancels out yellow 
so by covering the teeth with a thin blue film, it masks and counteracts teeth yellowness. After just a week, I can already see my teeth go whiter again. 

Somehow, I feel like such a snob for not visiting supermarkets more often for my beauty needs. Who knew they can be as equally as high-performing as the prestige brands in department stores? 
I can't wait for next month's grocery shopping! 
I'm eyeing on more products in the beauty aisle to try out and review. Stay tuned for those!

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