Bangkok is a shopping paradise for clothes, but can the same be said about their makeup and beauty products? Absolutely! Bangkok’s glitzy department stores carry the same high-end American and European cosmetics available in the Philippines, plus a delightful assortment of locally-made personal care products. My favorite one being Beauty Buffet, a local Thailand cosmetics brand offering a wide-range of make-up, skincare and bodycare products.

Beauty Buffet outlet at the BTS station of The Emporium Mall

Beauty Buffet's delicious selection of eyeshadows, foundation, lipstick, and skin care products satisfy your craving for affordable, Bangkok-made cosmetics. From afar, it’s easy to mistake this shop for a bakeshop; the female employees wear aprons over their uniform while the males don large chef hats. But within its pink-and-white exteriors is a wide range of cosmetics and tools from Thai makeup artist  Gino McCray, bath products from the in-house brand LifeSpa, nail polish, and much more. 

Cosmetics served, buffet style 

Chef B.B. and I
The items are laid out buffet style, making it easy for you to choose you want on your plate (or in this case, a basket). As for the prices, they’re very reasonable; a single eyeshadow costs 200 Baht (₱295), while a satin lipstick sells for 175 Baht (₱260). Bodycare and skincare products are priced within the 200 Baht (₱295) range as well.

Gino McCray Pro Make-up Eyeshadow and Color Philosophy Lipstick
Beauty Buffet has 50 stores across Thailand. The most accessible ones are located at MBK Center in Chitlom and The Emporium Mall in Sukumvit.