This year has been such a blessing for my growing family as we were gifted two more additions. Topping off the joy that my first niece Erin has given us, Inigo Gabriel and Ava Simone joined the Co family this 2010. I never looked into babycare products until I realized I needed to shop for them. What better gift a beauty blogger aunt can give, but beauty products right?

In the long search for the best baby care brand, the winner was just under my nose the entire time. I used to work for Tupperware brands two years ago and I never lost faith in the products the company develops.

Zwitsal has been trusted by Filipina moms for more than 10 years now. Tagged as the babycare specialist, Zwitsal is specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. It’s hypo-allergenic and dermatologist-tested, with a pH-balanced formulation and low alcohol content. When I gave my sister-in-law a set to try, she went back to me after a week to ask where she can get hold of more as she loved how powdery and ‘clean’ it smells on Erin. She particularly loved the liquid bath and cologne and uses it on my niece daily. The Zwitsal product line comes in 6 forms: shampoo, liquid bath, bath soap, cologne, lotion and powder.

Try it on your baby today by ordering from your local Tupperware Brands dealer! I’m confident you’d end up getting the complete set once you’ve tried one of Zwitsal’s products.

Zwitsal is available at all Tupperware Brands branches nationwide.  To discover more about Zwitsal, contact Tupperware Brands through their hotline at 867-2222 or email: