Hi everyone! I hope you guys had a lovely weekend as I did.
This is an unusual post as I've only used my blog as a platform for mostly cosmetic product reviews and to share my works as a makeup artist. However, yesterday, I was informed by one of my previous brides that she saw her wedding photo and some of my other works in a portfolio of a makeup artist instructing in a workshop. The said makeup artist even posted some of my advertisement works and claimed that she did the makeup and hair on these billboard and print projects. It was truly a shock to hear this. This morning, I also received phone calls from friends informing me of the same thing, that their friends who've attended this Saturday makeup workshops saw my works on the screen and was claimed to be the work of the another makeup artist. She even claimed to have my credentials and some of the participants even said that they can swear it's as if she's reading straight out of my website profile! She even claimed to have my education background and work history.

Here are just some of my works that the artist claims to have done:


As if this was not bad enough, my bride who reached out to inform me, spoke to the make-up artist and asked her if she knew any Dior Co. The makeup artist struggled to find words and just said that she knows me and that I go to her for consultations as to what shades of makeup I should use.

Thanks to friends who pointed me to the right direction, I found the makeup artist / workshop head who used my works and name. Her name sounded familiar but didn't really rang a bell until details of the workshop was shared to me. She was a schoolmate from my alma mater and once approached me for a meeting to discuss her new venture in organizing makeup workshops. Just mid-December 2012, she asked me to lead a workshop and be an instructor but my schedule didn't permit me to take part on this. It was a brief and short meeting but since we had some common friends and she's from my alma mater  (I just found out days ago that she lied about graduating from DLSU, too), I went ahead and shared some ideas that can help her start out her new venture for free. Back in December 2012, she was still working as a banker but (she personally told me this) wanted to leave the corporate world to open a makeup school but didn't have any formal makeup artistry training that's why she needed someone to lead the workshops. She never mentioned having the same education background and work history as she told her workshop attendees.

I texted this person this morning and asked if she can call me and this was her response:

"Hi Dior, sorry I'm just out for a meeting. I think this is regarding the pics used for the workshop. I'd like to apologize in advance. We failed to acknowledge your work and ask for initial permission to use them. Won't happen again. I'll call you asap."

I texted her back telling her that I think there's more than just that and was engaging her to see if she was really in a meeting or was avoiding to make the call. True enough, my friends and I checked her Facebook (apparently, we were Facebook friends) two minutes after we called her and I was already blocked. Know that we checked it before I texted her and her Facebook was still accessible. I texted her and told her I know she blocked me and that it made things more suspicious. She then texted back that "That's weird, nobody's blocked." Her facebook was then accessible to my account a few minutes after that but the information shared was now limited.

If she was in a meeting, then how can she respond to my SMS messages so quickly and even have the time to check her Facebook and block and unblock me back and forth and even change her visibility settings?

My last text to her was to inform her that I've had some colleagues who experienced the same thing and fixed it through going to the press and by blogging it. Friends from the industry advised me to do the same to warn people from scams like such. I told her that I don't want to go down that road and that I hope she can call ASAP so we can talk about it instead.

After numerous attempts to call her, she never answered and stopped communicating.

To clear this issue once and for all:
  • I claim propriety rights to all the photos in my portfolio. If I had any help from any of my assistants, I never fail to mention their names. The makeup artist who claimed ownership to my work has never worked with me in any of my weddings, ad projects or makeup jobs.
  • I have not attended any class in Manila after my Masters Program in Professional Makeup Artisty in MKC Academy in Hollywood Los Angeles. Thus, I have not consulted any other makeup artist with regards to my craft since 2009, except my professors and mentors from MKC Academy, who I keep close connection with until today. 
  • I am not associated with any makeup school as of the moment, especially not with Expert Techniques by Beauty Bargains (who falsely claimed my work), and I am currently holding only private one-on-one workshops for private clients and students.
Let this be a lesson to all freelancers and artists out there. Protect your intellectual property and artwork, they are your proprietary rights. I've been lax as my works can easily be grabbed from my website and social network accounts. I was too naive to think that no one has the gut to steal and claim ownership on something like makeup work, and bank on somebody else's hardwork and talent. I am just thankful to have people around me looking after my back and informing me on issues like this before it gets out of hand.


This was supposed to be the end of my blog but I was swarmed with messages that shed a new light on the matter in a span of an hour after publishing this blog entry. Most requested for me to share details of the workshop and name names so they can avoid enrolling and warn friends and families who might enroll or is already enrolled. I'm not gonna give out the name of the makeup artist who falsely claimed my works as I feel that it wouldn't achieve anything but taint that person's name for the rest of her life, but here's the business / workshop information so people can avoid these kinds of hoaxes in the future. 

Expert Techniques by Beauty Bargains (the name of the workshop) or Shop Beauty Bargains (business name) was live on the web and on Facebook this morning but was now inaccessible to me and my friends. 
This was sent to me by a reader who attended the workshop:

What kills me is not only the fact that this person somehow stole my credentials and work, but conned her students as well. One of them said,  

"Stumbled upon your blog too little too late!! I attended her class last week. I came in 15 minutes late so I wasn't able to hear her introduction. The deal says all students get a free UD Naked palette. They gave us all Naked palettes alright, FAKE ones at that :( She looked/sounded nice pa naman. Yaiks! Btw, I remember her saying she had a hard time doing makeups to the mothers on that Mother's Day Sale ad coz it required a lot of contouring daw. It sounded so true!!!!!:("

Apparently, they sold 100 groupons in CashCashPinoy. For those who have bought this deal and enrolled in this workshop, please know and note that I am not associated with them. 

The saddest thing about this incident is that this person didn't only ruin her reputation and her business' name -- these things hurt the the entire industry and the makeup artist community in our country as a whole. 
I only hope nothing but for this blog entry to help stop these kinds of hoaxes in the future.