It's no secret that one of the many perks of being a beauty blogger is being invited to events and product launches thrown by cosmetic giants. Those who know me knows that I'm not really fond of attending as a huge part of my previous corporate job, where I did PR and marketing for a multinational cosmetics company, was organizing and materializing these events. In any occassion that I do attend, it would only mean one thing -- that I actually believe in the brand and in the products they make

Yesterday, I was invited to attend the Artistry of Life World Tour by Artistry Skincare and Cosmetics at Makati Shangri-La where they introduced their newest addition to their skincare line, the Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel. The brand's Research Associate Scientist, John Scimeca, came all the way from USA to explain the science behind the revolutionary discovery. I've gotten myself a bottle of this breakthrough skincare product but unfortunately, I can only give a review about it 6 weeks from now as results will only be visible until then. So stay tuned for that! If everything that Mr. Scimeca said is true in his program and presentation, expect me to have smoother and more radiant skin with smaller pores by week 6!

What I can divulge to you now is the reason why I'm so excited and not lazy at all to try this at-home peel. As the direction of usage says, you only need to apply this peel twice a week for 6 weeks and it only takes one step. I repeat... one single step! Talk about convenience and an excuse to skip a derma session! One application to the entire face and 8 minutes of waiting time before washing it off and that's it. I think I can do that twice a week and not feel hassled at all. 

John Scimeca explaining the science behind Artistry's newest skincare wonder

With fellow beauty bloggers Camille of Little Beauty Bag
and Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

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