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Beauty Habits that Don't Involve Beauty Products

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, In : Reviews 
I received a message last week by one of my blog’s readers and it contained just one question. “What is your number one beauty secret and what is the one beauty product you can’t live without?” And it got me thinking. With tons of beauty products I’ve used, tried and tested, do I really know which one worked best on me and does it really take just one product to achieve beauty?

In this day and age when beauty products, both local and foreign, are just a click away to be added to o...
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Your Mascara's Partner In Prime

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, In : Events 
I definitely felt the change the moment I turned 30 two months ago. There's more 'adulting' stuff to do now and the pressure to make something out of your life can't just be shoo-ed away. But apparently, all a busy girl needs is a few good hours to join her girlfriends enjoy an afternoon of cocktails, makeup and a hilarious chick flick to recuperate.

With Benefit PH's Kriska Ramos and the usual hunks of Benefit Cosmetics events

Last month, the Benefit PH team treated friends from the media to a...
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