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The Body Shop X World

Posted by Dior Co on Saturday, August 29, 2015, In : Reviews 
Lately, I've noticed that my bathroom is slowly being filled with The Body Shop beauty products. And when I traced why this is, I realized that I am now living with my husband! He's always been a fan of The Body Shop even when I first met him. He appreciates the affordability and quality of products of the brand.

Just this week, The Body Shop has launched two product lines that has enticed me to fill my bathroom with just more of their products. The Oils of Life skincare line for the face feat...
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Primadonna x Kathryn Bernardo

Posted by Dior Co on Saturday, August 29, 2015, In : Announcements 
I've faintly remember passing by the Primadonna store in SM Megamall when I was in my early 20's. I never really went in the store as I felt the selection of shoes they have are a tad bit 'old' for my taste. However, last year, the brand was revamped to cater to the new modern style of Filipinas. It's now one of the lifestyle footwear brands known for carrying the latest trends for women’s shoes. No wonder it has now grown into a retail force of over 50 vibrant and dynamic stores nationwide...
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Review: Himawari Oil in Shampoo & Conditioner

Posted by Dior Co on Saturday, August 29, 2015, In : Reviews 
When I received a package from Kracie to try out their Himawari Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner, I immediately looked at the details at the back of the bottle to see if it's silicone- and sulfate-free. And thank God they are! You see, I have been regularly highlighting my hair every six months. Because of this, I need hair products that won't fade my hair color. Just in time, Himawari was sent to me just in time when my Kerastase Chroma shampoo and conditioner have a few drops left.

As with ...
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My Wedding Beauty Look

Posted by Dior Co on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, In : Works 
It's been two months since my wedding day and until this day, I still get a lot of inquiries on the makeup I used on myself that day. So I thought of just posting it here in my blog.

Yes, I did my own makeup on my wedding day not because I don't trust the talent of other makeup artists but because I'm just more comfortable in the way I do my own makeup. 

For my bridal makeup, I opted for a soft look with some definition without altering anything. As I always do on almost all my brides, I just e...
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Review: Galvanic Spa System

Posted by Dior Co on Thursday, August 13, 2015, In : Reviews 
Even when I was in my teens, I've always worried on how my skin will age. Thanks to a mom and a sister who are both very religious on their skincare regimens, I'm paranoid when it comes to my skin. And it doesn't help that I'm about to hit the big three-zero soon!

Aside from researching what's the best anti-aging product there is, I'm now on the search for the best technology that can help me "slow" time, skin-wise that is! Just recently, a friend introduced me to Nu Skin’s exclusive ageLO...
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Perks of Online Shopping

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, August 10, 2015, In : Tips 
I am not one who'd rather shop online but despite the thousands of retail shops we now have in Manila, there are still some things that only the internet can offer. And with the migraine-inducing traffic we face everyday, it's only but wise to turn to online shops nowadays.There still are many people who are hesitant to buy online and I was one of them before. 

According to Superagents PH, the newest online portal where you can buy from a wide range of products and services, from gadgets, insu...
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