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Benefit Flash Sale

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, March 20, 2013, In : Announcements 
It's the best time to stock up on your Benefit favorites, Benebabes! 

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Expert Advice from Christian Dior

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, March 18, 2013, In : Works 
Hi ladies! Inviting you all to visit us at the newly opened Christian Dior counter in Rustan's Shangri La for expert tips and express advice.

Here are some photos taken before our consultation hours at Dior last Saturday, March 16.

Dior's iconic runway looks can be achieved using the newest eye makeup from the brand.
Diorshow mono eyeshadows in its new packaging, but the same saturated eye-popping formula.
The new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl boasts of a curved mascara brush for maximum curl and vo...

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Bridal: Krystel Deguito-Pineda

Posted by Dior Co on Monday, March 18, 2013, In : Works 
Makeup by Dior Co
Hairstyling by Jeri Sebastian

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Facial in a Bottle

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, In : Reviews 
Despite being a fan of once-in-awhile pampering, I must admit I hate facials. I hate having to lie down for half an hour or more just to have someone massage my face. But it's something I do as I believe in its benefits of improving circulation and promoting rejuvenation. Don't you just wish this is something we can do at home, all by ourselves in just one minute or two? Who has the time for weekly facials anyway?

God must have heard my plea, as Japan's no. 1 exfoliator is now available in the...
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DermoScience Within Our Reach

Posted by Dior Co on Wednesday, March 13, 2013, In : Reviews 
Good morning ladies! My apologies for not posting anything for the longest time. The past few weeks have been very busy. Anyways, I was reintroduced to one of Unilab's brands, Celeteque, at a lunch gathering two weeks ago. I'm familiar with the brand and have been seeing it in dermatologist clinics and recently in department stores but never really used anything in its line except for its Matte Moisturizer, which is the only moisturizer that offers sun protection and finishes off matte. Now w...
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Q&A: Are Eye Creams Necessary?

Posted by Dior Co on Saturday, March 2, 2013, In : Reviews 
Q: I'm 26 and I'm starting to see fine lines on my eyes. Do I need an eye cream this early? Skincare products are so expensive and I noticed that eye cream costs so much too! Can you recommend a good affordable one that works?

A: This has been an issue with a lot of my clients in their 20's (and mine as well). Some people assume that a facial moisturizer is already enough and may be used on the skin around their eyes. This was even suggested by Linda Wells in Allure Beauty's Confessions of a B...

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