Colored hair streaks will remain popular through the Fall, and if hair colorist Eva Scrivo has anything to say about it, they’ll be adopted by even the classiest of ladies. There was no Manic Panic or Streekers to be found backstage at Cynthia Rowley last week; instead, Scrivo had come armed with mounds of crimped hair extensions in varying shades of peach, teal, navy, amethyst, and cassis. “I used the straight additives from Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect Special Mix,” Scrivo explained, pointing out that permanent, rich jewel-tone colors make the whole idea of streaks more whimsical and feminine, less punk. “Women are experimenting more, and you don’t have to do a head full of extensions to make an impact,” she said. To wit, Scrivo added her strands sparingly, attaching them to models’ heads with a double-phase adhesive before Alain Pichon from the Antonio Prieto Salon used a combination of curling iron and crimping iron to create non-uniform waves in a low ponytail. It’s unclear if the look will be adopted by the ordinaries, but the soft, vibrant updo certainly seems to have a wide-reaching appeal.