Lately, I've noticed to have increasing number of young clients who are having their eyebrows and lash lines tattooed. By young I mean those in their late 20's and early 30's. Good thing there are already beauty salons offering good shades of brown that would look natural and won't turn green or gray as years pass. Unfortunately, there's still the pain factor that most women cannot tolerate and the healing time that they can't wait out.

Good news! K-Palette, the Japanese brand that specializes in one-day tattoo eyebrow liner and eyeliners has finally come to our shores. Branded as the holy grail eyeliner and eyebrow liner of You Tube make up gurus such as Bubzbeauty, Icyabstract, among others, we're pretty lucky it's now within our reach.

So what is this K-Palette? I've first encountered the brand during my family trip to Tokyo 2 years ago. Tokyo, being super advanced even with their beauty products, is an entire city I consider as my own candy store. Even their generic drugstores carry cosmetics that are way beyond my imagination. You have tools to make your nose slimmer, supplies that will give crease to the Asian eye and K-Palette -- a tattoo liner that promises to stay put within a 24-hour period.


K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliners and Eyebrow Liners

Given that promise, I grabbed myself a tube before leaving Tokyo and tried it on bridal clients. Who needs a 24-hour smudge-proof eyeliner more than a bride who's 10x more likely to cry as she walks down the aisle? Ever since I got myself that first tube of K-Palette eyeliner, I've been using it on almost all my brides.

Aoui & Javvy, two of my brides wearing Real Lasting Eyeliners

I tested the products myself and was extra excited with the K-Palette brow liner since I've not tried it before. Below are some before-and-after photos of me wearing Real Lasting eyeliner and eyebrow liner. See how my eyebrows were naturally filled-in and defined. It wasn't harsh, I could almost not tell there's product. As for my eyes, they look more "awake".

Before and After: Wearing Real Lasting eyebrow liner in Grayish Brown and eyeliner in Super Black (Winged eye application)

Camera Left: Bare eyes and brows; Camera Right: Wearing the Real Lasting liners

Wearing eyeliner in Deep brown (Natural eyeliner application) and bare brows

Now, to really test the longevity of the liners, I wore them at one of my Barre3 classes. I don't wear make-up during my work-outs but I really wanted to see how it will hold up with continuous movement and sweat. Here's the photo:

No apparent change. It held up, with all the poses and pulses and sweat.

So here's a gist of my experience with K-Palette: 
  • The pen applicator is easy to use. I know that our no. 1 problem with liquid liners is that they're too messy. Not this one. The micro fibre applicator has the perfect balance of firmness and flexibility.  
  • It stayed on me (and my clients) for 16+ hours. No creasing, no traveling, no disintegrating. I had no opportunity to test out its 24-hour wear but I'm pretty confident it would hold up if it did for over 16 hours. 
  • The liners were easy to remove at the end of the day. My regular cleanser and water did it for me. No need for eye make-up removers!
  • The pigments of the eyeliners were intense. Just one swipe and my eyes already appeared bigger!  
Eyeliner shade: Super Black & Deep Brown  
  • The eyebrow liners had translucent ink, making it possible to define brows without over-darkening them. 

Eyebrow liner shades: Natural Brown & Grayish Brown

The price for both Real Lasting Eyeliner and Eyebrow Liner is ₱895.00. They are available exclusively in all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.

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