What I love the most about new year? It's the only time when you're allowed to push the reset button and go for a fresh start, a new beginning. I know though from 20+ new years that it's pretty difficult to stick to habit changes. So let's just have a deal, pick one from the 8 beauty resolutions I listed below and stick to it (I don't want to hear the word try; that just allows the self to fail), and I promise you that by the time 2011 is almost over, you'll be seeing great beauty benefits even by just committing yourself to one beauty resolution. Hey, it's the start of a new decade, right about time you finally commit to taking care of yourself!

Get enough sleep
Sleep invigorates your mind and body, so make sure you are getting 6-8 hours of restful sleep each night. Believe me, nothing harms your body more than lack of sleep. It makes you lethargic the next day, sip more caffeine than your body needs, and not to mention those bulgy eye bags that's almost impossible to get rid of once they've settled down.

Quit smoking
Smoking not only causes lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and a multitude of other health problems, it also yellows teeth and causes your skin to look dingy. It can also lead to wrinkles! In 2011, quit smoking for good. Join a support group, get hypnosis, try the patch. Do whatever you need to do put down those icky pipes forever.

Start exercising
Are you stuck in the office sitting at the computer all day? Taking even just a 30-minute brisk walk on your lunch hour or in the morning before work will make you feel refreshed. It will also help to reduce stress and is an easy way to get in some cardiovascular exercise - which is good for your heart and the rest of your body.

Drink enough water
The benefits of water are tremendous. It cleans your body from the inside out, helps you lose weight and makes your skin look clean and clear. Drink eight tall glasses of water each day. Keep bottled water at your desk at work, in your gym bag and in your car. If you make it convenient, you will drink it.

Go natural
Put the chemicals aside and go natural with your beauty routine in 2009. This doesn't mean you have to skip makeup altogether, instead shop for all-natural or organic skin care products and cosmetics. The ingredients in traditional makeup contain harmful chemicals, fragrances or dyes that can cause damage to your skin. Instead try natural mineral makeup, which won't clog your pores and will allow your skin to breathe. Organic skin care products use botanical ingredients derived from fruit and plant extracts, shea butter and essential oils. They cleanse and hydrate your skin, leaving it soft, healthy and beautiful.

Get out of a beauty rut
Have you worn the same haircut for the last 5 years? Do you always wear brown on your eyelids? It's time to get out of your beauty rut. Force yourself to make a change. Get a dramatically different haircut, dye your locks, start wearing bold shades other than gray, brown and peaches on your face. Do something completely out of your regular routine. I promise you, it's a breath of fresh air! It's liberating and can help you revive your look, surprise your man, and unleash your inner beauty diva. Be bold with some red lips or an elaborate hair piece or nail art.

Commit to a skincare regimen
Throughout the year, we tend to get lazy with our skin care routines. It's time to change all that and make a commitment to our skin. Whether you want to fight acne, even out your skin tone, smooth away fine lines or hydrate your dry skin, you have to be consistent with your regimen. Changing your products all the time, skipping steps or neglecting your skin causes inflammation, breakouts and wrinkles. Visit the
dermatologist and find a skin care plan that is right for you. Then stick to it every single day. You will see dramatic results and you'll be thankful in the long run. And, don't forget to wear SPF every day.

Take supplements 
Unlike in the old days when human beings live more than a hundred years by just eating what they find along the way, we are now exposed to free radicals and pollution. In this not-so-safe environment, it is essential to take supplements and vitamins to make sure we are getting what we need to keep ourselves healthy (and pretty). Start taking basics such as multivitamins and go your way up by taking more
targeted supplements for your own specific needs.

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