Last week, Zen Zest celebrated 15 years of bringing us reasonably priced quality fragrances. From just one small kiosk, the proudly Filipino-owned company grew into a successful enterprise with over 100 outlets nationwide and abroad, and registering 100,000 bottles of Zen Zest fragrances sold monthly. Founder Michelle Fontelera notes, "No matter how tough the economy gets, Filipinos still find the time and budget to hunt for and buy products that will make them look good and feel good,” Today, they have expanded their product line to include body scrubs, home fragrances, and baby colognes – their latest venture.

Beautiful setup at Le Petite Souffle

Guests were all eager to try out the best-selling Zen Zest fragrances.

Top eau de toilette for women

There's also perfume for men. My favorite amongst them is Bullet. Very light!

Floral and fruity scents of handwashes and their scrub counterparts

They also come in colognes

Their aromatherapy series is a must-have, especially their massage oils.

Home fragrances include air purifier fragrances (Green Tea!), cabinet deodorizers and kitchen deodorizers.

"I'll take one of each, please."

“The key is to keep the products affordable, but that doesn’t mean that they have to look like it,” Michelle reveals. Despite offering their products at a very low price point, Zen Zest maintains its promise of quality and beauty inside and out. Think under P200 gift packs that look, smell, and feel like the fancy toiletries imported from other countries. She shares, “Our holiday sets are especially competitive because we want to give our customers the option to give affordable presents that the recipient would truly appreciate.”

The core strength of Zen Zest will always be the formulation of its products. Michelle’s vision for the company has always been to compete on an international scale, using big imported brands as the benchmark for all of their merchandise. For body fragrances, the mild and citrusy scents like orange honeysuckle and white musk are customer favorites. Relaxing lavender scents mixed with vanilla or rose are their top sellers for room fragrances. Michelle explains, “We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the trends with our extensive market research. If the market needs or wants it, we’ll have it.” Zen Zest has already broken through the Asian market and their stalls have reached Japan, Bahrain, and Brunei where their cocktail collection of scents with clever names such as Cosmopolitan, Margherita, and White Russia are big hits. “The goal now is to penetrate the US market and go main stream in the West,” shares the entrepreneur. And it doesn’t seem like a farfetched target at all.

As they celebrate their 15th year in business, Zen Zest promises that the brand has more exciting products and news up its sleeves. Not one to rest on her laurels, Michelle says, “Fifteen years may seem like a long time to be in business, but it’s just the beginning for Zen Zest.”