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Instant Body Lightening Cream

November 10, 2017
Whenever I see a new ad on a product promising instant whitening, I always look the other way. Have any of you, really found one that can actually lighten the skin instantly? It seems like a long shot, and in my experience and from what I've heard, all those products promising that just ends up disappointing.

Clearly, the beauty industry heard our woes and had finally come up with one that does lighten the skin instantly. Yes, you've read right. INSTANTLY. And I'm not just talking about a subtle difference. The instantaneous effect, I promise, is obvious!

Shiro Ashi Hime is a japanese instant body lightening cream that, well, does just that. 

This lightening cream can be used on the entire body and face. For the face, it's can cover up blackheads, pores, bruises, dull skin, scars, ingrown hair and freckle marks. What interests me more is how it can actually improve skin on my body. So here's the test, with the top arm without it and the bottom arm with a pea-sized amount applied onto it:

See what I mean by 'obvious' effect? As seen, my arm definitely brightened and lightened. I also noticed my skin tightening, thanks to the coffee and tea extract in the formulation. Upon reading the ingredients list, it also contains Arbutin Chamomilla extract that are known for their moisturizing properties. 

It was also easy to apply and blend it onto the skin with it's light and fluffy texture. And! It doesn't stain clothing and gets absorbed easily. 

So far, no allergies or irritation in my experience. At the end of the day, you may just wash with soap and water to remove it. 

Shiro Ashi Hime is exclusively distributed by Beauty Box Corp and can be purchased online or at all Beauty Bar outlets nationwide.

Harnessing the Power of Seeds

September 27, 2017
How well we take care of our bodies and our skin definitely shows. Our bodies, including our skin, deserve a boost. That's why I'm committed to always check the ingredients list of anything I put on my skin.

Avon True developed the all-new Avon True Nutra Effects with active ingredients that were derived from the goodness of nature. With Chia Seed's omega-3 and antioxidant properties, two skincare lines were created -- MATTIFYING and HYDRA-BOOST.  

The MATTIFYING line (combination to oily skin) uses Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds and Mineral Mattifying Powders to help balance the skin’s oil production and hydration levels. The Mineral Mattifying Powders can absorb up to 93% of its weight in oil, which will help reduce shine and balance complexion for up to 12 hours.

Here is the full range of products under this line:

Mattifying Cleanser

Exfoliates and cleans dirt, impurities, and oil deep down in the pores without harsh stripping. This cleanser will reveal refreshed and refined skin.

Mattifying Toner

The oil-free mattifying effect gently removes excess dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin surface. It will help reduce excess shine, leaving your skin with a matte, but not dry, finish.

Mattifying/Balance Gel Cream

This refreshing water-light gel cream helps the skin look balanced and minimizes the appearance of pores. It is designed to help keep the skin’s levels perfectly balanced.

On the other hand, the HYDRA BOOST line (normal to dry skin) uses Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds to fortify the skin against harsh environmental factors while maintaining its natural moisture. Chia Seeds can carry 12 times its weight in water, which can help in retaining skin’s moisture for up to 48 hours.

Here is the full range of products under this line:

Hydra Boost Cleanser

Clears out skin’s impurities and restores skin’s health and hydration. This plant-powered creamy foam cleanser will clean your skin without the tightness.

Hydra Boost Toner

Formulated to help the skin’s ability to defend against environmental stressors, restores skin health, and pulls and locks hydration into skin. This plant-powered toner will revitalize and tone your skin.

Hydra Boost Day Cream

This lightweight cream with SPF 15 helps skin to feel and look smooth. Its formulation is designed to help fortify the skin’s barrier against the harsh effects of the weather.

Hydra Boost Gel Cream

This lightweight gel cream helps replenish vital nutrients and locks in moisture all day. It also provides the skin with 48 hours of moisturization.

All products from Avon True Nutra Effects are dermatologist-tested and clinically safe to use even for those who have the most sensitive skin, as all are free from parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes. Feel empowered through visibly beautiful, healthy skin everyday with Avon True Nutra Effects available through any Avon Representative today or via online at

Visit or like Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can get in touch with a Representative.


My Hair's Daily Defense

September 7, 2017
Despite being challenging and difficult, there's a few things I liked about my pregnancy and wish I have kept. For one, my skin was luminous and blemish-free! I also had luscious shiny hair that I barely needed to manage. That was, until last month when my hair began falling. It's not as bad as some women, but still!

So I've contacted my resident hairstylist to give my hair the much needed treatment it needs and she suggested that I get myself hairstyling products that are sulfate-free. I'm not new to this as I also used sulfate-free shampoos during the time when brazilian blowdry was all the hype. For those new to this, you need to use sulfate-free products to optimize the effect of your treatments or else you'll shorten the lifespan of the effect. 

Fortunately, Healthy Innovation Distribution, a family owned business of healthcare professionals sent me a couple of their personal care products. And the first I've tried is their Daily Defense hair care line.

I was glad to receive the Keratin variant as it's what I've always eyed on. Here's what I've got to say:

Daily Defense Shampoo & Conditioner | P139.75 for 16oz

After seven days of use, my hair felt thicker in texture and I had less hair fall. My hair also was easier to manage, and felt less coarse.

Daily Defense 3 Minute Conditioning Treatment | P139.75 for 5oz

Upon first use, my hair was tangle-free, as if all the damage was healed in one use. Of course, the effect would be maintained with regular use of 2-3x a week. I highly recommend this to those who have color-treated hair.

For the price points, the results are impressive and comparable to what you'd get from salon quality brands. Daily Defense may just be the most affordable sulfate-free haircare line I've come across with. 

Daily Defense is available in all leading groceries and department stores nationwide.


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